Call me Chala c:
I swear I don't only draw SnK but ... almost.
Jean, Marco, Eren and Armin are my babies <3

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Erejean and Jeanmarco

(pairings as persons)

Erejean is not really that agressive, he just looks like it, I guess. I made him like that because of the fanwork. I think actually he’s more the “I really don’t give a fuck” sorta guy (while Jeanmarco just gives a huge damn fuck most of the time).

hello, this is Jearmin
it’s a personification of the pairing

smileyriley1001: "I love you. Gosh dang it, your art SETS MY SOUL ON FIRE. okay that's all. You're amazing."

kjrhgkjhtlksnel nnghhh THANKS SO MUCH I DON’t eVEN

diff-eren-tiate: "Your artworks are very nice and you're very talented uwu keep it up! :)"
Ahhhh thank you! ;u; I saw you liked/reblogged really a bunch of my stuff. Really, thank you for liking it that much and for taking the time to tell me <3

For everyone who requested further pairing personifications:

First: I’m glad you all like them so much //// thank youuuuu!

But for the requests: I’m sorry but I don’t quite know how to deal with this. There are so many and I can’t do them all. But it would feel unfair to only draw those who I ship myself.
I have to think about a solution that I can live with before I go for more personifications >_< I’m sorry!
But I will go on drawing those four babies I did so far. I have a lot to show about them.
(Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably DO other pairings, I just have to think about which ones to pick).
I hope you understand!

Oh and one more thing. I see that everyone is confused about how to tag this stuff and so am I. Does anyone have a good idea for a (tag) name??

Thank you so much! >//u//<
I started watching Kyoukai no Kanata but somehow stopped after the first few episodes. I used to be a huuuuuge Sherlock fan and I still am, but I’m not that much into it as I used to be.
And I’m a bit in love with Noragami. I didn’t like the anime ending that much though, I like the manga more I guess c: